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A1 oil on card
Found objects
Inkjet print
Handmade notebook

Red scarf

The textbooks I came across during a routine spring clean were from 1995 and 1996, the only physical reminders of the education I once had in the PRC. Flicking through the books as an adult with a better understanding of semiotics and visual communication, I felt a vague memory of something that I had, at one point, taken unquestioningly as fact. Now I am no longer so sure. Sure enough, the page was there, just as I’d remembered it, and the title of that page was still the same, ‘Love the Communist Party of China’. To put it in context, this was a textbook given to me for my first year of school, to teach me to read and write. I guess there were other intentions besides literacy, and while I resist the urge to read too much into it from a Western perspective, it sure explains a lot. Orwell called it Doublethink, and I still hold it within me every day.